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  “And I ain’t no hipster, but girl I can make your hips stir” So I wasn’t a Mac fan when I first heard his music. I mean,…

Nano N – my book

Hello peeps viewing this, care to check out my new story which I’ve very recently written? If you’re interested in all that philosophical, action/adventure, sci-fi shiznit, this is the story for you!! Available… Continue reading

Metal Gear Solid: Why this game series is art!

You may be wondering what the purpose of this article is, is it to do with rabid fanboyism? Or is there something else – something that of which has a much deeper, more… Continue reading

Skyrim (PS3) – Review

Well, I’ll start off by saying this… as engaging as the game may be, the simple fact that now 50+ hours in, the fact I’m receiving so much lag is unacceptable; furthermore at… Continue reading

Nier Gestalt – Review

An underrated gem – a classic, something that’s hard to understand but it has such depth that to call it crap, sterile or repetitive is a sinful act to the gaming gods.  The… Continue reading

Takeshi Kitano – Why he’s the epitome of what I aspire to be in film

If you’ve never heard of the man, I wouldn’t be surprised… However, you’d probably be interested to know that he’s the most popular and famous comic in his home country of Japan. Shockingly,… Continue reading

Death Note – Review

For some reason, I correlate myself with Yagami Light a bit too much… Now, that would be alright as if it was just an 18 year old comparing ones-self to an anime/manga character.… Continue reading

The Departed Review

The Departed is a Martin Scorsese remake of a Hong Kong classic Infernal Affairs, released 2002 and 2006 respectively. The film is about a cop and a criminal – both are imbedded into… Continue reading

Spriggan [anime film]

Spriggan was released in 1998 in its home country of Japan, and then 2002 for the English speaking market on DVD. The film is about a 17 year old super-solider named Yu Onamea… Continue reading

Mass Effect 3 Review

Sheperd is no longer fighting the collectors, or warning the council races in the galaxy about the Reapers. This time around it’s all about fighting the good fight on behalf of the galaxy… Continue reading